Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I'm going Crazy

Thanks for all the comments on the last post!=) 

So after I had my piano exam last week I finally had some time to play whatever I wanted. So i decided to learn this song by ear. It’s se7en’s i’m going crazy, if you haven’t heard it watch it here!!

So yeah, thought I would record it. it's not very good =p. If you would like to know what chords I used then just ask :)

Hmmm thats all for now, i'll be back soon ^_^


  1. I love the song!
    Piano is very adorable <3

    You are very good!

    Pink Kisses♥

  2. Love the song! i wish that i could play piano =(

  3. You are so good :O Piano is one thing I can't play by ear. I can't figure out chords by listening to them and my ear just can't differentiate the complexity of having both the bass and treble going together.

  4. aw it's so beautiful :) and you look so beautiful when you play piano =) I love it... heehee do you think it's possible you can make a downloadable mp3 of this cover? =P

  5. What perfect timing! XD
    I just started to play the piano again after 2 years! :)

  6. wow that was so good, i love that song! i'm jealous hehe, you can play the piano so well, you make it look so effortless to play <3

  7. nice! :D u´ve got skills :D do more covers and post them ^^
    loved it :)

  8. I lvoe it sweetheart!!! Play more of these! awesome~!

  9. I LOOOOVE this song! I think you did a really cover of it, you're very talented. I used to take piano lessons for years, now I kinda regret stopping :)

  10. Thankyou all for the sweet sweet comments =3

  11. ani,nice to meet you, i'm cuijun from china! and i really like your posts!keep up it!

  12. Wow.. youre amazing @__@
    I wish I could play the piano too..
    and do you know you really look pretty while playing the piano teehee :)

  13. WOW... love it, can you send the chords that u used?? Want to pactice =D
    My e-mail: jenniferpradera@gmail.com
    thank you so much!


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