Monday, 1 November 2010

HK Haul and recent outfits :)

My mummy came back from HK and brought me back a few things ^^. This liese hairdye in 2 colours, glossy brown and milk tea brown. Has anybody used these, what colour do you recommend? I don’t know which one to go for >< as you can see in my pics. I already attempted to dye my hair before, so it’s slightly brown.


GEM tang’s maybelline bb compact :)


Panda print hoodie :)





hmm. not much to say about this outfit but I got a new camera so I have been taking LOT’s of photos lately XD.


this is an old shirt, with my new(ish) lace trimmed shorts from HK.









I also got these brown jersey trousers! they are so comfy. I almost never wear trousers so this is a special time ^^, I rarely wear brown =p

top is actually a dress from mokoya worn here.

shoes from HK









put on my panda blazer and we’re ready to go :).













So happy with my camera. I will probably do a full review of it some time. Just love that it is so bright, takes nice photos even in a dim room ^^

SAM_0181e and it also has a front screen so it’s easy to SELCA! ^_^ gotta go do some work now :)

thanks for reading :) x


  1. its nice to see that ur mum knows ur taste well! i also hv somethin that my mum bought me from HK, hehe! bt not ready to show it cuz I barely wanna use it XD

  2. wow GEM is getting pretty big now with her own makeup and everything! Gotta get myself a panda hoodie, 'ho duk yi ah!'

  3. Oooh...I'm eyeing those cute shoes of yours! Too bad I have flat feet!

    <33 Rena

  4. cuteeeee clothess <3 and i love the blazer ^^

  5. your mum is so sweet, the jersey trousers look comfy and cool to wear :D i am amazed with your huge Panda collection of things!!

  6. You're camera is really nice, looking forward to the review. :'3 Your outfits are so nice and cute. ;-;

    Dyeing hair to a lighter color is always so annoying. :'( I hope it works this time when you try it again. ^^

  7. the maybelline compact packaging is super adorable. in the us they dont look as nice... and i dont think we have a bb compact line yet.

  8. You're so lucky, I'd like my mom to buy me clothes é _ è but she always think things like "what if she doesn't like it ?"/"what if the size doesn't fit ?" ><
    About the hair colour, you should try the one you're the most skeptical about, so it's bad you do the other one... ?

  9. Your second outfit is really cute :D

  10. Dye your hair brown ^___^ I think it will look good on you!
    I love the middle outfit <3

  11. I want to see you dye your hair a lighter brown !! :D And ooh, what camera do you have? It sounds awesome and I loveee cameras that always take bright photos !

    I love all the outfits :D And I think you make those brown pants workkk! I usually stay way away from brown but you look awesome in it !

  12. cute pants!^^ i bought a pair like that from zipia. waiting for stuff to arrive now^^

    if you havent dyed your hair before. chances are it wont be as bright as the packaging suggest. and even if you use milk tea brown there will be a little red tone in it. you should google the hairdye colours. ive seen some results of glossy brown which look amazing. but i do like milky browns^^ its very pretty~~ xx

  13. Wah you're so lucky your mom buys cosmetics/beauty products for you. It's not that my mom wouldn't, but I think I know more about makeup than she does :S So I guess I will never get cosmetic surprises like this :(

    I'm also surprised that the hairdye didn't explode under the pressure from the plane. I tried to use hand sanitizer on the plane... bad bad idea.

  14. oh i love the panda hoodie!! its so cute!

  15. Nice camera! Mine's I had no clue BB compacts existed!

  16. Great hk haul! I love getting packages from there too hehehe <3

  17. yeeey~ your love for pandas is totally cute!♥♥

    Also I really like your style :3 It's really inspirational! I'm totally crazy about this shorts and shoes from HK * Q * ~♥!

  18. the liese foam hair dye is now sold in the UK under John frieda :D they're both from the company Kao~ just wanted to let yu know ^^

  19. nice blog; ) ur photo is really fantastic !!!
    i like it :**

    follow me and write a comment if you want ! <3

  20. I'm loving your shoes and your panda goodies! ^-^

  21. ahh ur page is too cute!! and so many cutie things, miss HK very much!!


  22. your outfits are super cute >w<!

  23. O: Both the hair dyes look pretty good!

    Cute outfits! :D


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